Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where is the world heading to??

I have heard lots about parents waiting in long queues for their kid's school admissions; Quite a few jokes on parents waiting overnight in queues or starting the whole thing when the kid is just born and so on. But I had an unbelievable experience myself.

I had a good opinion on one of the schools in Chennai (still do) and am determined to put my kid into it (Yeah, I'm expecting and that will be a news to few of my blogger friends :))
I heard that there was pretty much a tough competition to get into that institute.
A cousin of mine who has her kid studying there said people register as early as during pregnancy. Though it sounded ridiculous, I thought I would call up to find out. After getting my details the office attendant asked me what the age of my kid was - I was quite embarrassed as I said it was a bit early and I was just expecting - it would be for the 2014 batch.
And guess what was the reply - I was late, the admissions for 2014 were already closed and they could probably give me a wait listed registration. I wonder how I managed not to pass out on the call.
I still can't believe this - but guys I do have a wait-listed registration on paper for a kid that is yet to be born - paid 500bucks for it!!

Welcome kiddo - There is a wild world waiting for you out there!!!


Goofy said...

Pinch me Rums! Enna nadakudhu inda ulagathula? The pattani sundal bajji bonda suda suda sambhar school or ..V?

Shivi said...

Firstly congratulations on the good news! :) And secondly, whhaaaaaaaaatttttt?? You get a waitlist for 2014 admission?? Unbelievable man!! How could people reserve admissions without really having kids ?? Pheww!!

Goofy said...

Rums - we were discussing social statuses in our Consumer Behaviour class and guess what - in New Delhi, a survey has indicated that the top indicator of social status is - the school that their children go to - ahead of other factors like location/ownership of house, car etc. Whew! When did we get here? It happened right under our noses right?


It will be funny but we accept whatever we forced to do maybe your after your kids admission u have to apply for your grandson r granddaughters admission its really worst part of education ....