Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where is the world heading to??

I have heard lots about parents waiting in long queues for their kid's school admissions; Quite a few jokes on parents waiting overnight in queues or starting the whole thing when the kid is just born and so on. But I had an unbelievable experience myself.

I had a good opinion on one of the schools in Chennai (still do) and am determined to put my kid into it (Yeah, I'm expecting and that will be a news to few of my blogger friends :))
I heard that there was pretty much a tough competition to get into that institute.
A cousin of mine who has her kid studying there said people register as early as during pregnancy. Though it sounded ridiculous, I thought I would call up to find out. After getting my details the office attendant asked me what the age of my kid was - I was quite embarrassed as I said it was a bit early and I was just expecting - it would be for the 2014 batch.
And guess what was the reply - I was late, the admissions for 2014 were already closed and they could probably give me a wait listed registration. I wonder how I managed not to pass out on the call.
I still can't believe this - but guys I do have a wait-listed registration on paper for a kid that is yet to be born - paid 500bucks for it!!

Welcome kiddo - There is a wild world waiting for you out there!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A cuppa tea

Once in a while if I get back from college before 5 or those weekends or holidays!
The tea time with just me and you mom!
Not that your tea was great :)
But those 10 mins that you would spare from the nasty kitchen you live in most of the time you are home - An evening with a beautiful sunset or a sunday morning 7.
Sitting on the floor (the sofa would be right behind us; who cared?) with two eversilver tumblers and a bowl -I always remember that posture of yours - One leg sprawled over the folded another.
The stories we get to talk - My college, your office, your complaints about appa, neighbourhood, backbiting relatives and yeah our small fights as well! . You wanting to get back to chores at the kitchen and me begging for some more time. The touch the warmth...
Somehow the tea is not so good now ma.
Those wonderful moments will be cherished in my memory ma, for God knows if we will ever get it back!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oops I can't find myself!!

A year bidding a farewell, a new one to come, festive moods everywhere...but nothing is sinking in. I seem to have lost myself somewhere. Helplessly I search for me!
In what I do - No! That's not me!
In what I speak - No, That's just my lips, Not me!
In what I think - No, Again. Here it is complete blankness!

There seems to be a big, black blanket between me and my own self.. I try to pull it away desperately wanting the familiar light to shine, to get see myself again. Oh but wait, its not a blanket, but it seems like an deep, deep abyss!

And I have no reason to have lost the zest! Things are absolutely fine, as expected!
I just want my song, my light, my life back!

This blog is one such of my numerous efforts to find my own self.
Oh God can I see the rays??
Please let be it!